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Clarification on system requirements

smbernacki 2:03 AM - 14 August, 2013
I just purchased Pioneer DDJ-SX and Serato DJ. My current laptop does not meet the minimum requirements. I have an opportunity to purchase a Dell XPS with Windows 7 64-bit and an i7-740QM. This is a 1.73 quad-core processor. Will this be sufficient for DDJ-SX?
Serato, Support
Sam GG 3:05 AM - 19 August, 2013
Hey smbernacki,

That processor seems fine to me, however there are other things you need to consider such as Ram etc. Best bet would be to test in store if you can so you can be sure it will work. Use the gear you will be normally using. Ensure they have a returns policy, we recommend you get an agreement with the store allowing you to return the machine if it turns out to not be compatible. Get this in writing from the salesperson or manager.

Cheers, Sam
BOOGIEFROMCUR 4:14 AM - 21 August, 2013
smbernacki..if you can afford it get a Mac..I'm not a mac freak and work with both platforms but if you want to work trouble free playing "live" with ANY product of SERATO get your self a Mac.
Especially if you plan to do video-mixing (which is possible with the pioneer SX)...
Again...nothing against Dell (I edit on bed with a Dell Precision) but this XPS will not do a good job with video-mixing. They overheat to begin with.
Again... don't look at specs... look at and listen to real life users.
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Sam GG 4:39 AM - 21 August, 2013
Thanks for your input Boogiefrumcur, I'm going to move this thread to the general discussion area so you can get more info from the Serato community.

Cheers, Sam
4:39 AM, 21 Aug 2013
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