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RodrigoVolta 11:08 PM - 16 July, 2013
Well, I'm here again posting my observations about Serato DJ:

1) - ALPHABET SEARCH is still not working. When pressing the SHIFT it enables a control LOOP!

2) - LOOP IN / OUT LEDs are no longer lighted permanently.

3) - CUE PHONE is not working automatically.

4) - AREA MOVE is still not working as it should. And LED button is not working too!!

5) - REC MODE is not working as it should.

6) - MASTERTEMPO / KEY is still causing distortions / artifacts in the audio, as it always has done since version 1.8.

7)- SHIFT+BROWSE and SHIFT+PREPARE is not working!!

8)- SHIFT+BROWSE ROTATE CLICK have a strange behavior...

9)- AUTOLOOP is showed values to 16 beats only! For 32 or 64 beats, you have to guess the value...

10)- When SDJ is starting, aways VINYL button is actived!!!

11) - When closing the software, some LEDs are lighting, deferentially that ITCH shutdown DDJ completly.

Anyway, NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has changed from version 1.2 to this. For a change, the SERATO only adds features, somewhat useless instead of fix the problems!

In my humble opinion, you should have continued with ITCH and made a progress and not have ADAPTED new software to old equipment that was not meant to be used with it!

I, like many other DJs I know we will not make the migration to the new platform even ITCH has been abandoned by Serato. We know that ITCH has problems, but is 100% compatible with our equipments and not very badly ADAPTED for them!

DJ Arries 7:45 AM - 8 December, 2014
Hi do you still use a DDJ-S1?
RodrigoVolta 11:30 AM - 8 December, 2014
Hi do you still use a DDJ-S1?

DJ Arries 9:22 AM - 9 December, 2014
Hi do you still use a DDJ-S1?


Thanks for the reply.

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We need everyone's support for Serato to notice