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Demo Pitch n Time pro

Thora 12:56 PM - 9 November, 2008
I've authorized my ilok to run the demo and have run the installer which says it has sucessfully installed. Then I get this message from the ilok client helper thing that higher administrative privilages are required. When I run Logic 8 there's no pitch'n'time demo, in the the time machine presets. I run the disk utility to reapir permissions etc, still nothing.....anyone got a clue where I'm going wrong?
I've only got 29 days left of the demo...yikes!
Serato, Moderator
Goran 3:24 AM - 18 November, 2008

The iLok client helper is only a web-browser program, so i think it's unrelated to your problem in Logic Pro.
Perhaps you want to install Pitch 'n Time LE (lite version). Follow this link: www.serato.com
Pitch 'n Time Pro version does NOT support Apple Logic. Pro version is only available for Digidesign Pro Tools.