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Rane 57Sl....Models

Dj CoMBo 12:54 PM - 9 November, 2008
Is there different models of the Rane 57SL? I bought one of the first models. I noticed most of my friends who bought a newer version of the 57SL, its got different buttons (Better quality). I know there was a problem with the scroll knobs and buttons at the beginning, the newer versions seem to have fixed this problem.
If i buy a newer version, how do i know which model im getting?
Is there a way to tell what model, if any, i have?

Thanks for the info if any...

nobspangle 2:53 PM - 11 November, 2008
I doubt very much you will get a v1 mixer new now. The change was made very soon after release.
DJ-A 5:48 PM - 11 November, 2008
2 ways... i think there is a manufactured date on the box...

the other is by the software that it comes with. I think i got 1.7.4 with mine, so obviously it wasnt made more than x amt of years ago...
Dj CoMBo 3:06 AM - 13 November, 2008
Cool...thanks for the input....

I do have one of the first models.......going to upgrade when the funds are sufficient.