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dj am mode

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Ortofon | Serato S-120
STRONG ARM RADIO DJ KACE101 2:40 AM - 29 October, 2008
what's this dj am mode i hear about?is it easy and does it work?if someone can tell me how to work it will be great!i love this serato shit,is so much fun!
djrichie 5:10 AM - 29 October, 2008
Hi Strong

DJ AM it´s a hidden feature on SSL to avoid strangers look at you screen and see the name of the tune you are playing.

Click on the BPM, type djam hit enter... and that´s it... to see the names back do the same....

Note: The player to type need to be stop

DJ Dynamite - NJ 3:46 PM - 29 October, 2008
It's not DJ AM mode...
It is Anti-Trainspotting Mode

And to clarify, you click on the BPM of a track that is loaded into the playing deck and just type AM then hit ENTER. (The player does not have to be stopped)