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down load problem

Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
timothyheit 11:11 PM - 29 June, 2004
I downloaded update w/ shawn from rane he sent disc image and still no luck? timothy heit
Josh 11:42 PM - 29 June, 2004
hey timothy, whats the problem? OS? Specs?
Shaun W 11:50 PM - 29 June, 2004
He is running OSX 10.3.4 on a new Powerbook. Please check the support corner for more info.
Shaun W 5:26 AM - 30 June, 2004
Timothy, try downloading the update again using the Explorer browser, but do not hold the option or conrtol key down while doing so. Let me know how it works.
timothyheit 6:22 AM - 30 June, 2004
same as we tried earlier ?
timothyheit 6:12 PM - 30 June, 2004
thanks for your help . if you just click on the update and like you said dont hold down the control or option then it loads fine. again thanks for the info..timothy