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'Location' Smart Rule

DOCX 8:49 PM - 19 May, 2013
It will be great if you improve an option for create smart crates with "Location" rule. This will be more sucessful for all DJ's who are sorted the music in the folders and want to be automaticaly added into the crate.

Name of Smart Crate: RnB
is "D:\Music\RnB"
is "D:\Music\R&B"
is "E:\Music\Black"

Other Example:
Name of Smart Crate: New Music
Rules: (without "Match all" enabled)
contains "New"
contains "Neue"

Last Example:
Name of Smart Crate: Retro
Rules: (without "Match all" enabled)
contains "80's"
contains "198"
contains "retro"
contains "old"
is "E:\Music\VA - Hits of 80's"

To not understand me wrong I mean that this should work for music which is imported into the collection, not automaticaly search into drivers. Only drop the folders in collection, and automaticaly showed in Location crates...

DOCX 7:01 PM - 22 May, 2013
Anybody else?
MPH 9:23 PM - 22 May, 2013
Another great idea!
deepdjdanny 2:03 AM - 23 May, 2013
vboyd666 9:30 PM - 23 May, 2013
With some library maintenance. You should be able to accomplish all of that. Accurate ID3 tags are needed.

Name of Smart Crate: RnB
is "Genre=R&B"
is "Genre=Urban"

Other Example:
Name of Smart Crate: New Music
Contains: library added within the last 3 months.

Last Example:
Name of Smart Crate: Retro
Is "Year from 1980 to 1989"
deej808 10:51 PM - 2 December, 2013
+1 for smart folder based on location. My collections are organized physically and this would help my incoming track flow a ton! Honestly been waiting for this since smart folders came out.
Sv.DjDreamer 11:40 PM - 4 December, 2013
4play 3:56 PM - 5 December, 2013
I suggested this one years ago.. I really hope they make it a reality one day
Loominist 4:21 PM - 6 December, 2013
Uhh, I recently reorganized my library completly. I had sth similar like you, would never go back to it.

Genre is such an unprecize category. There are so many greyzones and overlappings.

I made it now simple and logic instead of that. means:

C:\Music\A (or B,C...)\"Artistname" , and in that Folder all the Songs from this artist.

(Example: C:\ Music \ A \ Akabu \ Songname.XXX)

it needs a bit work to set this up, but if you have it and stay in this system its VERY handsome and nice to use.

The reason for doing it in this way is i realy was loosing my head in endless lists of songs (and i dont even have nearly 50k+ songs like some crazy guys out there).

This, and i realy dont like it when i have songs from the same artist safed in different locations. Im mostly in electronic music, all kinds of it. The separation from A - Z was made to split them a bit more and get fast and easy acces to it.

I can heavily recommend this way of safing your files. as mentioned it needs some time invest but its worth it.

In case of adding new Files i always mark the Comment section (can also take another) with "NEW" before adding. And I have a smart crate with this rule. thats cause i have 2 prepare them anyway, and after doing that i tag this section with whatever or clear, so the track instantly disappear from the "NEW crate".
joachimj 2:50 AM - 7 December, 2013
Rasta Four-Eyes 12:57 AM - 15 January, 2016
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