Serato DJ Release Notes

2 August, 2016

New Features

  • Secondary library sort. Ctrl/cmd+click a column title to set custom secondary sort order
  • Smart Crates are now able to be Subcrates
  • Saved loops are able to be named
  • Subscription plans to Serato DJ and more now available

Other Changes

  • Support translated Key in Smart Crates
  • Added 'Reset played tracks on exit' option in the Setup screen (Library+Display)
  • Added 'Reset played tracks' button in Setup screen (Library+Display)
  • Change 'Clear' History Button to 'Reset'
  • Increased contrast and changed the color of scroll bars
  • Serato Video performance optimizations and licence management improvements
  • Miscellaneous GUI performance optimizations
  • Mixars Duo Windows drivers version 3.34 bundled
  • Updates to international translations and tooltips

Bug fixes

  • Motorized platters don't stop when application is shutdown
  • 'Tooltips' tooltip size not displaying correctly
  • Unable to select “Remember Me” checkbox in the My Serato Panel on Mac
  • Logged in state not saving when “Remember Me” is used or after logging out of the My Serato Panel
  • Driver install side panel not closing after driver successfully installed
  • Potential crash when loading or saving MIDI preset XML
  • Red LED not illuminating when audio is clipping with Denon MC4000
  • Unable to adjust relative pitch while in Sync and holding Shift with Denon MCX8000
  • Unable to adjust relative pitch while in Sync and holding Shift with Pioneer DDJ­SB2
  • Switching SP6 play modes can cause sample to stop playing on Numark Mixtrack Pro 3
  • Pioneer DJM­850 causing loaded tracks to be marked as played while faders are down
  • Pioneer DJM­900NXS causing loaded tracks to be marked as played while faders are down
  • Instant Start causing tracks to start from beginning with Pioneer Mixers
  • Improved waveform refresh rate on Mac
  • Screen flickering or lagging while drag and dropping files between Finder and Serato DJ
  • Fixes for Ctrl­click on Windows behaving as right­click
  • Status bar messages not displaying correctly
  • Pulselocker and Analyze files panel buttons incorrectly sized for some translated languages
  • Searching by Key displays key notations that are not currently selected in the Setup screen
  • Deleted crates added from external drive can reappear after reconnecting
  • Random colors being assigned in Smart Crate rule fields
  • Smart Crate not remembering numbers in remixer column
  • Smart Crate key not able to be searched using displayed key notation
  • Potential crash while dragging crates during analysis
  • Can't move a Subcrate if a top level crate has the same name
  • Deleting tracks in a Subcrate not removing tracks from parent Crate
  • Potential crash after logging into Pulselocker and immediately clicking Setup button
  • Changing crate sort order can cause hardware controls to load wrong track to deck
  • Potential crash when connecting CDJ if History panel is open
  • History 'Mark as played' function not working as expected
  • ‘Song time’ text position is incorrect in virtual deck area
  • Instant Doubles not working when 'Lock Playing Deck' is ON
  • cmd+Z not working rapidly in succession
  • cmd+Z does not always restore previous playhead position
  • Potential audio glitch when cueing or scratching a cue point or sample
  • Screen may flash white when maximising application window
  • Potential crash when hot­swapping controller with Aux input to controller without Aux input
  • Potential crash while importing a video file
  • Potential crash when toggling midi output lighting
  • Short length/duration Pulselocker tracks may get identified as corrupt on Windows
  • Serato Video not automatically enabled after being activated in My Serato panel
  • Potential crash after dragging SP6 sample player BPM value
  • Potential crash closing Serato Video preview window after disabling Serato Video in Setup screen
  • Potential crash when removing a file from the library directly after ejecting it from a deck
  • Fix the crash when processing uninitialized audio component
  • Limiter activating on controllers at the incorrect level
  • Potential crash when deleting a file from the library after it was loaded to a sample slot
  • Sample repeat start point incorrect
  • Playhead position in sample slot slightly incorrect after sample ends
  • Pulselocker library may take a long time to load on startup
  • Serato Video Contour Fader tooltips displaying when Contour Faders are disabled
  • Potential crash hot­plugging device on Mac
  • Rane SL3 unable to connect on Windows and 'Failed To Connect Audio' shown
  • Inconsistent casing of some words in the Setup panel
  • Status bar messages not appearing and fading correctly
  • ‘Corrupt track’ messages not remembered between sessions
  • Potential security warning appearing when starting application
  • Serato Video effects drop down menu can be empty
  • Numark NVII Panel button does not cycle through all panels
  • FX panel not being displayed correctly for some hardware
  • Using Saved Loop pad mode to save an active loop will exit the loop
  • Unable to switch to Flip pad mode using performance pads
  • Flip Expansion Pack not automatically enabled after activation
  • Potential crash while displaying tooltips
  • Potential crash while clicking and dragging samples from the SP­6
  • Potential crash while MIDI mapping Reset Played Tracks
  • Potential crash while pressing play with the Numark NS7III and Pitch ‘n Time DJ enabled
  • Potential crash while tapping in BPM
  • Potential crash on application startup
  • Possible audio distortion, tracks slowing down and audio dropouts

macOS Sierra is not supported, read here for more info.

Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 users read this before installing Serato DJ.

Version: Serato DJ 1.9.2
Size: 248.89 MB
Platform: Win