Serato DJ Release Notes

8 March, 2016

New Software Features

AFX Touch Strip Scrub

Added Serato DJ Hardware Support

Denon MCX8000

Added Serato DJ Accessory Support

Numark Dashboard

Other Changes

  • Mac OS X 10.11.4 specific connection change for Pioneer devices
  • Bundled new OS X drivers for Allen & Heath Xone 43C, DB2 and DB4 mixers
  • Audio and performance optimisations
  • CPU and general performance optimisations

Bug fixes

  • HID mode not consistently working on Pioneer CDJ’s with OS X El Capitan
  • Audio artefacts when scratching backwards slowly
  • Potential hang when using censor actions during Flip playback
  • Potential crash when editing beatgrids
  • Potential hangs on connection/disconnection for MIDI devices
  • Certain video files causing a crash on import
  • Potential hang when tapping tempo after adjusting beatgrid
  • Potential hang on exit with corrupt FLAC files
  • Potential connection issue when hot plugging a device using a USB hub
  • Dragging and dropping outside of SDJ not working correctly
  • Unable to scroll and organise crate lists correctly
  • Album art is not displayed on supported CDJs
  • Recording meter showing max volume at all times
  • When doing an Instant Double waveforms not displaying correctly on controller screens
  • GUI popups not layering correctly causing visual artefacts
  • GUI stalls when rescanning ID3 tags
  • Analyse files button does not light up when tracks are dragged over the top of it
  • Song time text position incorrect
  • Selecting track with unloaded album art can cause all CDJ album art to not display
  • Slicer status bar message for beatgrid displaying even when slicer not enabled
  • Dock Icon bouncing on OS X during startup of SDJ
  • Autoplay stops playback after it skips a missing file
  • Scope view alignment issues when using SDJ in French and Spanish languages
  • BPM does not go blank when the BPM column value is changed to zero
  • Record Panel timer breaks after recording for 100 mins
  • Midi XML not saving when umlauts used in OS user account names
  • Tracks which save metadata to an external file won't deck analyse BPM if ejected early
  • Pickup on MIDI for OSA devices does not register correct value on connection

Serato DJ 1.8.2 brings offical support for OS X El Capitan, however some drivers are not yet available. We recommend reading this El Capitan Support Article before updating.

Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 users read this before installing Serato DJ.

Version: Serato DJ 1.8.2
Size: 223.34 MB
Platform: Win