Serato DJ Release Notes

4 February, 2014

Added Serato DJ Hardware Support

  • Denon MC6000 MK2
  • Numark V7
  • Pioneer DDJ-SZ
  • Rane SL2
  • Rane SL3
  • Rane SL4
  • Rane Sixty-One
  • Rane Sixty-Two
  • Rane Sixty-Eight
  • Reloop Terminal Mix 8

Added Serato DJ Accessory Support

  • Pioneer CDJ-900
  • Denon DN-HC1000S

New Software Features

  • Pitch 'n Time DJ Expansion Pack
  • Jet Pack FX Expansion Pack
  • Stack View Mode
  • Quantize mode. On/off button added in main screen, Quantize value drop down menu added to Setup Screen > DJ Preferences
  • Nameable Cue Points
  • Open/Close crates from hardware
  • Ability to apply FX and route SP-6 to THRU mode channels
  • Maintain Sync on Track Load Setup option
  • Added Aux output channel for DJ-FX on Rane SL4
  • Improved Cue Point and Loops Display area

Other Changes

  • OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 support
  • Auto change to INT mode when HID device connected
  • Added back Vertical Overview in Vertical Mode
  • Added back Icicles in Horizontal Mode
  • Added back Lock Loop functionality
  • Made BPM column on by default for first installation
  • Made selected Auto Loop value easier to see
  • Auto open Audio Setup tab after Pioneer DJM-900SRT driver install

Bug Fixes

  • Crash when Vestax VCI-400 ASIO Control Panel buffer setting is set to 8192 on Windows 7
  • Issue where some users can't connect to Pioneer CDJ-2000's in HID mode
  • Hang when loading a missing track using the "previous" button on a CDJ in HID mode
  • Channel 4 CD input could control Deck 2 and 4 with Rane Sixty-Four
  • Occasional hang on exit if Serato Remote enabled
  • Crash when resizing library column as the song is being added to history
  • Loop Editing issue when using Vinyl/CDJ in ABS/REL modes
  • Crash when "Show iTunes Library" option is unchecked for some users
  • Sync would halve or double BPM incorrectly when mixing half/double BPM tracks.
  • Waveform could not be controlled via mouse/keyboard shortcuts when in THRU mode
  • Corrected alignment of "Repeat" and "Edit Grid" buttons on track display
  • Ensured Tempo Range initializes at +/-6% when using CDJs in HID mode
  • Slip Mode not working when in MIDI layers 2/3/4 on Rane Sixty-Four
  • Improved VCI-300 Scroll + Platter functionality
  • Corrected SP-6 Tempo Slider so that it is consistent with INT Tempo Slider
  • Novation TWITCH Fader FX ON/OFF button lighting issue
  • Fixed Numark NS6 audible pops and clicks
  • Crossfader Reverse Keyboard Shortcut could not undo (Command + Shift + R)
  • Shared memory does not see fader positions until Serato Video has been started
  • SSL errors for when open Online Window
  • Crash when animation speed of a text/image effect is selected before animation type is selected in Serato Video
  • Reloop Terminal Mix 4 audio stops when buffer is at lowest setting (Windows only)
  • Serato DJ crashes on startup if there is SD card in the SD slot (Windows 8.1 only)
  • Battery % indicator shows incorrect % in Serato DJ (Windows 8.1 only)
  • "Drop to absolute position" doesn't work again when returning to REL Mode from Emergency INT mode if you click the INT button
  • VCI-380 Loading track twice when using load button
  • Numark V7/NS7 touchstrip not being able to move playhead beginning

Version: Serato DJ 1.6
Size: 92.34 MB
Platform: Win