Serato DJ Release Notes

1 October, 2013

Added Serato DJ Hardware Support

  • Rane Sixty-Four
  • Pioneer DJM-900SRT
  • Pioneer DDJ-SR
  • Numark NS7 II

Added Serato DJ Accessory Support

  • Pioneer DDJ-SP1
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000nexus
  • Pioneer CDJ-2000
  • Novation Dicer

New Software Features

For Vinyl & CDJs
  • Serato NoiseMap™ Digital Vinyl System Added
  • Absolute, Relative and Internal modes added
  • CD/Vinyl Mode Setup tab including Vinyl Control, Vinyl Start Offset and Needle Dropping Options
  • Calibration Scope Views for CD/Vinyl calibration
  • Deck Setup configuration area for Pioneer DJM-900SRT
  • Temp Cue functionality in DVS mode sets cue when platter is stopped and jumps to cue when playing
  • Emergency Internal Mode; When you reach the end of the record using either REL or ABS modes, Serato DJ automatically switches to INT mode
  • Safety Internal Mode; Control + Click the INT Mode button to switch to Safety Internal mode which will reset the tempo to zero, enable forward playback and disable sync
  • USB insert allows you to use the DJ-FX as post fader effects for the Rane Sixty-Four
For both Vinyl & CDJs and DJ Controllers
  • Virtual deck headers have been standardized across Horizontal and Vertical display modes in both 2 Deck and 4 Deck modes
  • Introduced scrollable cue and loop containers
  • Sync Off and Snap to Beatgrid for Simple Sync options
  • Played Track Color blue/grey options
  • The cue point trigger button and cue point color button on the GUI have been merged. Control + Click the cue point trigger button to modify the cue point color. The cue point numbers have also been removed
  • Audio buffer size in DJ matches the value set in the ASIO control panel (for ASIO devices only)

Bug Fixes

  • Removed monitor (ch1/ch2) crossfader start on Numark NS7
  • Fixed touch strip on Numark NS7 so it can swipe to the first beat
  • Fixed fader start initialization problem on Numark NS7
  • Fixed initilization on Vestax VCI-380
  • Cleaned up vinyl button functions on Vestax VCI-400
  • Fix Twitch Channel/Master Level LED
  • Fixed stored loops lighting on Novation TWITCH
  • Fix Vestax VCI-300 LED's so they show channel level with PFL is enabled

Other Changes

  • Mapped Loop Shift L/R to Shift Switch on Numark Mixdeck
  • Added Loop Roll to the Numark NS6 & Numark NS7
  • Mapped Pitch Range on the Vestax VCI-400
  • Added Shift + Back button on the Numark MixDeck to do Library Navigation Forward

Version: Serato DJ 1.5.0
Size: 53.58 MB
Platform: Win