Music streaming in Serato DJ Lite

Music streaming in Serato DJ Lite

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Discover new music with SoundCloud

Get immediate access to the newest songs posted on SoundCloud and stream them in high-quality 256kbps AAC in Serato DJ Lite.

You’ll also be able to access, create and edit your playlists and search SoundCloud's catalog all within Serato DJ Lite.

Start a one-month free trial of SoundCloud Go+ ($9.99/m or $4.99/m for Pro Unlimited subscribers) and try this out today.


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Never get caught without a track with TIDAL

Streaming with TIDAL in Serato DJ Lite gives you access to an endless music library at the highest audio quality available.

TIDAL offers two tiers of membership - HIFI which allows the option to use lossless FLAC files or AAC files in 320Kbps or 256Kbps, or Premium which gives you access to the AAC files.

Organize your playlists from the TIDAL phone or desktop app, then the next time you open Serato DJ Lite they’ll be ready for you to DJ with.

Start a one-month free trial of TIDAL and try this out today.


Coming soon to Serato DJ Lite

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What kind of audio quality settings can I use for streaming tracks?

SoundCloud tracks are available in a high quality AAC format.

TIDAL tracks are available in different bit rates and file types depending on the TIDAL account tier you subscribe to: HIFI users have the option to choose between lossless FLAC streams, and high quality AAC streams. Premium users have access to high quality AAC streams only.

Will my track metadata (Cue Points, Loops etc) work once I save them on tracks from streaming services?

Once you set cue points, loops and flips on a track from a streaming service the information will all be saved to your machine and next time you load the file (at either FLAC or AAC quality) all your information will be available.

Can I search for tracks from streaming services in Serato DJ Lite?

DJs can search music from both streaming service catalogs, directly within Serato DJ Lite. Click the TIDAL or SoundCloud icon next to the search bar and enter your search query. Local results from the ‘all…’ crate will be displayed first, followed by results from the streaming service. Streamed tracks will have a small TIDAL or SoundCloud icon in the first column of the library.

Why aren't all the tracks in my SoundCloud playlist showing in my Serato DJ Lite library?

Some SoundCloud tracks may have restrictions on use by third-party applications, this is set by the content owner at the upload stage. These tracks will not show up in your Serato DJ Lite library.

Do I need to analyze tracks from streaming services like I do with my tracks normally?

When you load a streaming track to deck the entire audio stream will be downloaded. Once the download is complete Serato DJ Lite will analyze the file quickly and provide you with track information such as Key, BPM and a waveform overview. All this information will be saved and displayed in your library for the next time you play the track.

How can I create and edit streaming playlists?

You can create and edit playlists on the go using the SoundCloud and TIDAL mobile and web applications.

SoundCloud and TIDAL subscribers are able to create and edit playlists in Serato DJ Lite by dragging and dropping tracks from your search results or other playlists.

Can I save my tracks from streaming services to be used offline?

At this stage there is no ability to save streaming tracks and play them while offline. You must have an active internet connection to use streaming services in Serato DJ Lite.

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