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Time stretching and pitch shifting

Pitch 'n Time DJ is a Time-Stretching and Key-Shifting algorithm built in to Serato DJ. The expansion pack allows you to shift and sync the key of your tracks as well as speeding up and slowing down your tracks to extreme tempos. Maintain perfect key while mixing, cutting and scratching without any loss in audio quality.

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The latest update to Pitch 'n Time DJ allows you to shift the key of your tracks by a semitone at a time while keeping the tempo the same. Check out this routine featuring Nick from the products team using Key Shifting with Pitch 'n Time DJ.

Pitch 'n Time DJ replaces the Serato DJ keylock. It gives you the ability to pitchshift your tracks to extreme tempo values while preserving the key. Watch Martin from our Products team shift 55 BPM in under 2 mins in this video using Pitch 'n Time DJ.