Mixed In Key

Mixed In Key 8.1 is the new software designed for the world’s top DJs. It integrates with Serato DJ and helps you improve your DJ mixing.

Here’s how Mixed In Key helps you play a better DJ set:

  1. It analyzes the Key of every track in your collection using Mixed In Key’s special key detection algorithm used by the world’s top DJs. You can use these results in Serato for perfect harmonic mixing, live mashups, and flawless transitions between your tracks.
  2. It detects the Energy Level of your tracks to show you which tracks have the most energy. You’ll be able to see this data in Serato DJ, and sort your tracks on a scale of 1 to 10. It’s a quick way to find the right track to play at the right time when you’re mixing live.
  3. It automatically detects and sets up to 8 cue points inside each track. The important sections of each track, like the Verses, Choruses and Bridges will be marked, or you can create your own Cues quickly by snapping them to the grid. When you’re mixing in Serato DJ, you can jump backwards and forwards to different parts of your track using the Hot Cue buttons.
Mixed In Key

What’s New in Version 8:

The new version of Mixed In Key 8.1 just got released. This is what’s new:

  • Ability to edit your own Cue Points inside Mixed In Key and have the results show up inside Serato
  • The most detailed Audio Wave visualizer in the world, so you can have X-ray vision for your music collection, and see the loudness of the melody and the drums inside every track
  • A new “Cue Probability” curve under the audio player that shows you the MOST LIKELY places where you can set a Cue Point that will be perfect for DJ mixing
  • Total clean-up of your ID3 tag meta-data. The new version of Mixed In Key includes a professional ID3 tag editor that lets you batch-edit your entire playlist and delete all the unnecessary data like “Bought from Beatport.com” and links to sketchy Russian blogs in the comments. Your playlists will look super-clean inside Serato DJ after using Mixed In Key 8.1
  • Detailed tutorials on how to get your DJ mixing to the next level by using Energy Level, Key Detection, Cue Points, and more

The goal of Mixed In Key is to help you prepare your music library for perfect DJ mixing in Serato DJ. Your DJ sets will sound professional and “on-point” every time you play, because you’ll have the best KEY, ENERGY, CUE POINT and ID3 tag data in the world.

Visit the official Mixed In Key website and get your Windows/Mac versions of Mixed In Key for USD58.

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Mixed In Key

Mixed in Key is available for USD58

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