Serato Control CD

Serato Control CD 1.0.0

You can burn your own Serato Control CDs or use the Control Signal .wav file directly from a removable storage device like a USB drive or portable hard drive.

The Serato Control CD is available in 2 file formats:

ZIP file format

This file requires an unzip utility to open and contains Serato Control CD.wav. Please unzip the package to show the .wav file.

Serato Control CD.wav is a stereo 44.1KHz wave file that you can drop into any CD burning application, or run directly off a removable storage device such as a USB key or removable hard drive.

When using a USB stick, connect the USB stick with the Serato Control CD.wav to your digital player and select "USB" as the control connection mode.

When burning the .wav file to a CD do not adjust the audio levels, make sure any audio auto-levelling is turned off, don't down-sample the audio or use a different audio format.

Altering the source audio file in any way will result in the control signal not functioning correctly.

ISO file format

This is a disc image file, suitable for burning to a CD.

After downloading the file:

  • In Mac: Right click on the file and select Burn to disc from context menu.
  • In Windows: Right click on the file and select Burn disc image*.

*If you can't see the Burn disc image option, you might need to download a 3rd party CD authoring tool capable of burning .iso files.

Copyright information

The Serato Control Tone, the audio pressed on Control Vinyl and the Control CDs, is copyright Serato Audio Research.

The Control CD download is licensed for personal use only. The creation of personal backups of the Control CD is allowed, however duplicating Control CDs for commercial benefit is strictly prohibited.

For avoidance of doubt the duplication or creation of Control Vinyl for any use is strictly prohibited.


Serato Control CD

Version: Serato Control CD 1.0.0

Platform: Mac or PC