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Serato DJ Tutorials

FX Expansion Pack: Chip Pack

Watch Tom from the Serato Development Team demo a selection of new FX available in the Chip Pack FX Expansion Pack, available in Serato DJ 1.5.2. Using powerful new iZotope FX including Noise Sweep, Particle Delay, Chiptunes, Spiral Flanger, Crush Echo and much more. FX Expansion Packs are available to activate or buy in-app in Serato DJ.

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FX Expansion Packs: Wolf Pack + Back Pack

Watch Logan from the Serato Product Team demo a selection of FX available in the Wolf Pack and Back Pack FX Expansion Packs. Including powerful iZotope FX like Tape Echo, Looper, Pitch Looper, Spiral Echo Up and more. FX Expansion Packs are available to activate or buy in-app in Serato DJ.

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Multi FX Mode

Multi FX mode is a powerful and easy to use FX mode which unlocks the next evolution of creative control using the Serato DJ FX, powered by industry leading audio FX developer, iZotope. In this video we'll show you all the awesome features Multi FX mode has to offer and how to use them.

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Basic Playback

Basic Playback functions of Serato DJ, including separate overviews on the Virtual Decks, Loading Tracks, BPM, Pitch, Play/Pause & Temp Cue and the Playback Setup.

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Display Modes

See the different Display Modes in Serato DJ, covering the 2-Deck or 4-Deck view modes, Switching Display Modes and the different Library View modes.

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Cue Points & Loops

Learn the basics of using Cue Points & Loops in Serato DJ including some handy tips on Manual Looping, Auto Looping and the Offline Player.

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FX Powered by iZotope

A brief overview of the new Serato DJ Effects, powered by iZotope. Skill up on the many Effects Parameters that are available, what they do and also learn about the Beats Multiplier.

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Smart Sync

Learn about Smart Sync in Serato DJ and how to use it. Play two or more tracks together and keep them perfectly in sync using Beatgrids. Shape your sound more using cue’s, loops or effects without having to worry about keeping your tracks in time.

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MIDI Mapping

Map Serato DJ's functions to your MIDI controller and learn how to take advantage of the many Serato DJ features that might not have hardware controls. You'll also learn how to map things to your own personal preference.

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