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Some songs will not load on Serato

Serato DJ
Pioneer DDJ‑SX
Windows 7 (32 bit) Service Pack 1
Thee Reverend 11:45 PM - 2 April, 2013
First of all im not sure if my operating system is 32 bit or 64 bit. It is windows 7 home premium. My problem is that my iTunes library shows in Serato DJ but only a handful of songs will actually load. I had literally just bought some songs on iTunes but they wont load in Serato DJ. All of my songs are in the iTunes music file. The ones that dont play in Serato have a little yellow triangle with an exclamation point icon next to the song. I assume this icon means it cant find the file but they're all in one spot! please help
11:52 PM, 2 Apr 2013
Thee Reverend attached a file: SeratoScreenShot.png
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