A series of DJ Mixes, hand-picked
from the artists who inspire us.

Mix 21

Powers Pleasant

"In support of my Brother Joey BADA$$ Debut Album release I made a mix of my favorite songs by him, Enjoy! ProEra"

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Mix 20


"A mixtape of music that inspires me right now in 2015! When i started making music around 2006 I was intrigued with what would happen if we took the bass we loved from the rich heritage of UK soundsystem culture of garage, reggae dancehall, uk hardcore, jungle etc, turned it up some notches and applied it to the swung jacked grooves of New York and Chicago house. Fast forward to present day and the 4x4 of house music and b-lines are still here! Strong. Much love to Serato for having me. Thanks everyone for listening! x"

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Mix 19

NZ Special
CXL, Substance, Spell

SeratoCast Mix 19 and final in our December weekly release is a New Zealand special from local all stars DJs CXL, Substance and Spell to end the year.
CXL, Substance and Spell passed the mix around and added their 20 minute flavor to make one crazy 60 minute SeratoCast.


Mix 18


"I’ve titled this mix ‘Discovery’ in the hope that people will find new music or fresh and exciting versions of old favourites. In this day and age it is all too easy to pinpoint track names and artists using Shazam, I remember when DJs were taste makers and broke new music rather than just playing what is hot. People became infatuated with songs they heard in the wild and made it a mission to track learn more about it, thus growing their musical horizons during the journey.  With Discovery I hope to recall that sense of exploration and growth. I hope you enjoy my interpolation of Future Beats."

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Mix 17

"The Greatest Mix of all Time"
Chris Karns

"This mix is mostly a bunch of material that I have been playing out in my sets and random ideas from the past few years. Very scratch heavy, but hey, I gotta be me! The reason I chose the title "The Greatest Mix of All Time" is because that is the standard I hold myself to. An insane amount of work went into every little detail because I will only release material that I can be proud of and feel a sense of accomplishment about when I'm finished. After 18 years of DJing, I can definitely say that this is the signature mix of my career (so far...). Enjoy!"

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Mix 16

2 weeks
Jon 1st

"As the name of the mix suggests, this is a collection of tracks I've been listening to over the last fortnight, ranging from footwork to hip hop, beats to jungle, with a sprinkling of scratching on top. Artists featured include Stray, NameBrandSound, NehruvianDoom, Machinedrum and Aphrodite. Big love to Serato for featuring the mix!"

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Mix 15


"As I was making this mix I realized it's kind of all over the place and almost started over. Then I realized all of my Dj sets are like this so I should leave it be. Embrace it! Alot of friends and family in here, as well as some producers I have been lurking on Soundcloud. Enjoy!"

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Mix 14

In Miami, Bass is Best

"When mixing any kind of music remotely related to hip hop, my style is heavily influenced by some of my favourite 90s New York mixtapes, from dudes like PF Cuttin’ and DJ Premier. For this one though, I wanted to strictly tackle Miami Bass and nobody ever did it better than DJ Craze. With only a tiny handful of West Coast classics from Egyptian Lover and Unknown DJ, the vast majority of this mix is strictly local to Florida. Peep the rare Mix-A-Lot and Frank Ski radio skits too, classic!"

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Mix 13

Break Stuff
The Gaslamp Killer

In anticipation for The Gaslamp Killer's Break Stuff Serato Pressing, out now, GLK put together this special mix for SeratoCast consisting of his beats from his pressing project along with some music from his friends.

"On the first half, GLK mixes his favorite beats off of his official Break Stuff release. The second half he features songs from MRR-ADM, Mophono, Heliocentrics, and more.”

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Mix 12

Champion Sound

"I want to catch up on my Thre3Style World Finals winning set and present my favorite new jams and classic tunes plus the routines that made me the 2014 World Champ. This mix also features unreleased tracks by myself plus rare material I got from my DJ friends. Enjoy!"

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Mix 11

Good Vibes!
DJ Vadim

"This is just a lil Rub a Dub, Reggae, Jungle, Hip Hop good times mix to get ya skanking, toe tapping. Rum n ting dancing shoes at the ready. Daddy Vad, the Dubcatcher at the Serato control tower taking over. This is also my first official Serato mix since coming over from the dark side...!!!! Serato DJ 1.7 sounding sweet and the echoplex effect very good too!"


Mix 10

Live from the Mothership
DJ Clent

"This mix is a window into my world of juke, trap, and footwork that is sure to shake the pictures off the walls with the bass..... Thanks SeratoCast for the opportunity to share my production and the music that i love!!!!!"

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Mix 9

Chaos in the CBD

"Just some bits and pieces your boys have been feeling lately. Couple exclusives in there from us too. Peace and love, peace and love x"

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Mix 8

Chicago Forever

"Hi there, it's Chrissy (aka Chrissy Murderbot).

Chicago has always had a mindblowing music scene, but recently there's been a real renaissance: amazing new artists, amazing new labels, and established producers making great new work. Everybody's caught on to footwork, and people are starting to discover unclassifiable weirdo-geniuses like Starfoxxx, Ultrademon, and Umbertron. 

But this mix focuses on Chicago's true claim to fame: HOUSE. Here are just a few of the artists and labels defining the future of house music for Chicago and the world".

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Mix 7


"What's a life with no fun?

This mix is a selection I might play at an after party back home in Glasgow - full of energy, love and bass".

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Mix 6

All the Above
The Rub

"DJ Ayres and DJ Eleven here.  The Rub is a monthly dance party we throw in Brooklyn, and we're celebrating our 12 year anniversary this month.  

For our Seratocast, we kept it in the vein of our monthly Rub Radio mix, with new music from every corner of our crates, plus we debuted our new single, which comes out in August.  Given all the twists and turns, we think it flows remarkably well.  Big shout to Prince Rakeem for providing the intro material.  
xo  The Rub"

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Mix 5

Many Styles

"On this DJ MK mix i wanted to travel through the musical genres of everything i love From Hip Hop, Dub, Soul, Funk, Trap to 90's Bashment. Some Exclusives and always Bass heavy. ENJOY".

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Mix 4


"This mix gives people a taste of the funky bass lines and breakbeat elements of Drum & Bass reminiscent of the late 90's.

It's the style that drew UK B-Boys away from Hip Hop dance-floors to the big raves. I was one of those B-Boys and part of me still is".

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Mix 3


"I just wanted to go in. Thanks".

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Mix 2

Nick Catchdubs

"Friends... how many of us have them? Wise words, Whodini.

For this mix I wanted to showcase only productions / remixes / edits by my DJ friends and Fool's Gold family (and a few tunes of my own of course).

With new and unreleased stuff next to recent jams and longtime favorites, I hope the Serato community (and music fans at large) digs these as much as I do".

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Mix 1

DJ Jazzy Jeff

"I wanted this mix to take you on a ride - ups, downs and a few curves.

Great for a drive, a commute or a workout because "Sometimes I Just Wanna Play Some Music". Enjoy!"

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