When I play, I want it to be
about the journey, I want it
to be about the experience.

There are few DJs that work as hard as Zach Sciacca aka Z‑Trip.

On the road or in the studio. In front of thousands of fans or alone on the side of a mountain, Zach is always working at his craft and trying to be the best he can be. His passion is music, no matter what the style. Always trying to innovate and find new ways of blending tracks and constructing sets. It's this passion and dedication that has led him to become one of the worlds premier DJs.

"I'm constantly living on no sleep. I'm constantly living on deadlines. I'm also constantly trying to outdo my shows and myself, get better and pay attention to what's coming in. There's a lot of processing.

"I wake up every morning ready to go on some, whats next? What can I do? How can I learn? How can I absorb?"

Rather than on stage, in the heat of the moment, it's the time away from the spotlight where Z‑Trip finds his inspiration.

"Being up on top of a mountain, or being, you know, in some remote place. Getting in touch with nature, getting in touch with yourself and clearing your thoughts. Its very therapeutic.

"I found that snowboarding for me was the one thing where I had this physical thing that I was doing but I could get lost you know. Listening to music, I could just get lost in it.

"You just start going on this journey and it's because you took yourself out of the everyday and put yourself into a different situation that forces you to think outside the box.

"It's just one of those things where for me, breathes inspiration."

Zach craves music and is a DJ who doesn't want to be put in a box. His hunger for so many different styles and his talent to mix it all together is what defines him.

"I love funk music, I love electronic music, hip hop, metal. I love all kinds of music. I want to know as much as I possibly can about every style of music out there.

"The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. I don't want to sound like everybody else. There's too much great music out there to just play it safe.

"I want a reaction, good or bad, I just want a reaction."

Preparation is only the beginning. It's once Zach gets on stage that the real work starts.

"I grew up watching Djs put in the work and mix records live and I'm trying to take that a step further. I'm trying to get all the different pieces of songs; acappellas, instrumentals. I'm trying to mix things together, mix 8 bars of this and then bounce out!

"It's one half spontaneity, one half preparation. I want be up there sweating, putting in work. I want people to see that i'm up there working. I want moments when I stop and hear the crowd give me that energy back. I want that!

"There was a moment where I was a little reluctant to jump from analog to digital. Once I did make that jump, I started to realize that it's infinite. The possibilities are endless and I can actually manipulate this music even more than I could in the past. It gave me a whole second breath of fresh air that I didn't even realize."

Z‑Trip's production and remix work is cast from the same mould as his DJing. He loves the unexpected and strives to create unlikely combos.

"The more I can work with people that it doesn't seem likely that I would work with, the better.

"For instance, I just produced a new song on the Public Enemy Record. In the same couple of months, produced a song with Datsik on his record. I did a Will I Am remix that had Mick Jagger on it, and then at the same time i'll do a Beastie Boys thing.

"If you can figure ways to incorporate old and new, to me thats the epitome of it."

There's just no stopping the music. It's the biggest influence on Z‑Trip and what keeps him going. Every time he takes the stage, he takes his fans on a journey and gives them an experience reflective of himself.

"I wake up, I put on music. I go to sleep, i'm putting on music. When I play, I want it to be about the journey. I want it to be about the experience. I really pride myself on trying to keep that moving forward because its the art that I covet.

"My job is to fuckin mix it up, throw it out there and have people enjoy it!"

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