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New in DJ 1.6

Rane hardware support

Serato DJ now supports the Rane Sixty-Eight, Rane Sixty-One, Rane Sixty-Two, Rane SL2, Rane SL3 and Rane SL4


Pitch 'N Time DJ Expansion Pack

The industry standard for time stretching and pitch shifting and renowned choice of audio professionals in the film and music industry the world over, is now available as an Expansion Pack for Serato DJ users.

Pitch 'N Time DJ allows you to speed up or slow down your track to extreme tempo values while maintaining its key perfectly, with the highest quality and definition of any available software.

Starting with a track at 94 BPM, slowing it all the way down to 60 BPM, then bringing it back up before returning it back to 94 BPM. All the while being able to cut and scratch without any degradation in audio quality.


Improved Cues & Loops

We've optimized the Cue Point and loop display. You can now see all 8 Cue Points at once, alongside saved loops and autoloops. Alternatively you can view all 8 saved loop slots alongside autoloops.

Nameable Cues

You asked for it so we added it. You can now name your Cue Points.


Quantize mode

Set and trigger Cue Points perfectly on beat. Just make sure you have your beatgrids set! Quantize value can be adjusted in the Setup screen.


Stack View

The classic Scratch Live view is now avavailable in DJ. All the benefits of large waveforms without losing valuable library space.


You can use Serato DJ with a vast range of the world’s best hardware manufacturers depending on your preference or skill level from DVS mixers, interfaces or CDJs through to Pro and entry level controllers.

Plug & Play

All you have to do is plug in the supported hardware and Serato DJ is ready to go. No need to reconfigure.


Serato Video

Add video to your set and control playback just as you do with audio. Easily manipulate your videos with a large number of visual effects and transitions or add your own images, graphics and text to your performance.

Sample Player

Trigger your favorite stings, samples and loops over your tracks with 4 Banks of 6 sample slots. The SP-6 sample player has two views to suit your preferences, Advanced mode, designed for preparing your samples, and a Simplified mode with minimum controls to focus on what is important during your performance.

Powerful FX

Powered by industry leaders iZotope with the choice of Single and Multi modes - enabling you to manipulate your songs and add another dimension to your mix. Choose Single mode to get in and tweak a range of parameters, or Multi FX mode which allows simple control using one knob per effect and FX chaining.

Expansion Packs

A range of new powerful iZotope FX packs that can be purchased or activated in app. Get started with the free Wolf Pack and when you’re ready, add to your FX list from the new packs available.

Maintain your growing FX lists with Favorite FX, which allows you to customize the FX select drop down menus. Add and remove FX to your favorites list to suit your performance needs.

Built-in FX

Basic FXs

Techy audio‑bending

Analog & old‑school

Trippy, spacey & ravey

Remote Control

Designed to compliment an existing Serato DJ setup, Serato Remote and Serato Remote Mini will connect seamlessly to your Serato DJ software and works with all supported hardware and lets you see and perform all your favorite Serato DJ functions without needing to touch your laptop.

Sync is here...


Always a controversial subject, Sync is finally here for DVS DJs that want it. Hit Sync to get tracks in time quickly, allowing you to do other things instead of moving the pitch slider. Try it, you might like it!

If you want it.


If you don't, disable it and never see it again.

Real Time with Slip Mode

Use Slip Mode when scratching, using Cue Points and Loops or other performance features, then when you’ve finished the playhead jumps back to where it would of been, always on beat.

Comprehensive Library

Library management of your audio and video files is a breeze with Serato DJ. Organize your music, build crates, view previous sets and add album art. Serato DJ can also load your iTunes library and supports your files.

Smart Crates

Use keywords, genre, BPM or other rules to create Smart Crates that automatically update.


View or edit what you've played in a previous set and export your playlists to share online.

Prepare Crate

Throw tracks into your Prepare Crate to easily access later.

Album Art

View your library in Album Art mode.




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