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Transform the way you sample with one legendary plugin. Create faster, sound better, and ignite your imagination through cutting-edge stem separation, a revolutionary workflow, and unrivaled audio quality.

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Uniiqu3 headshot

Serato Sample lets me isolate stems from each song layer with just a click—perfect for manipulating melodies in my Jersey Club tracks.”

Producer / Jersey Club Queen

Real-time audio separation

Discover infinite creative possibilities with Serato Stems.

  • Separate, isolate and manipulate audio stems with incredible quality.
  • Access acapella vocals, drum breaks, melodies and basslines in one click.
  • Chop, flip, stretch and warp stems and create a sound that’s uniquely yours.

Producer using Serato Sample

Stretch the limits of sampling

Take your music to the next level with features that bring your most ambitious musical ideas to life.

Create in seconds

Supercharge your productivity with a workflow that maximizes creativity.

  • Detect and sync your sample’s BPM and key
  • Real-time audio stem separation
  • Find the best chops in one click, and trigger them with your MIDI pads, computer keyboard, or mouse
  • Visual waveforms that respond to frequency and stem characteristics

Sound incredible

Showcase your sound through unmatched audio quality.

  • Legendary pitch shifting and time stretching technology
  • Unrivaled audio stem separation quality
  • Dynamic Beatgrids for syncing unquantized samples to your project
  • BPM and Key syncing so your samples are always in key and on time

Stand out

Evolve your signature style with unique sound-design tools.

  • Slice, randomize, automatically detect or manually chop your samples however you want
  • Isolate any combination of audio stems and unlock extraordinary new sounds
  • Key shift, time stretch, and adjust various parameters for each sample chop individually
  • Play your samples like an instrument with Keyboard Mode

Jake One headshot

Every time I sit down with Sample, it's so fast. Stems opens up ideas that weren't possible before.”

Record Producer and Songwriter

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Everything you need in a sampler

Real-time stem separation

Key detection

Key shifting

BPM sync

Unrivalled time stretching

'Find Samples' in a click

Manual cue placing & triggering

Per pad parameters

Channel output routing

Chromatic Keyboard Mode

Mono & Poly voicing

Dynamic Beatgrids