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Supported Web Browsers

If your specific browser is not listed then we have not tested with it and cannot be sure how well the site will function for you.

Mac OS X Users

Windows Vista and Windows 7 & 8 Users

Unsupported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer in Compatibility mode
  • Internet Explorer 8 and below

Mobile Browsers

We also support mobile web browsers, specifically targetting iOS and Android devices - for most aspects of If your device has not been automatically detected and you believe it should've been, visit the mobile enabling page. If you wish to report a bug with the mobile version of the site, please start a discussion in the Website Discussions area to let us know.

How can I bold/underline/italics/strikethrough text in my forum message?

  • Use [b] text [/b] for bold.
  • Use [u] text [/u] for underline.
  • Use [i] text [/i] for italics.
  • Use [s] text [/s] for strikethrough.

How do I track a forum discussion?

At the top of a thread is a Track Discussion button. Click this and the discussion will be added to Your Tracked Discussions. A link to this page can be found in your notification toolbox at the top of the page by clicking on your username.

If a new message is posted in one of your tracked discussions, a notification will appear next to the Your Tracked Discussions link.

How do I add a link to another website in my forum message?

Simply type the URL or website address (eg or into your message. The forum turns that into a link using magic (eg

Can I attach a file to a forum discussion?

Some forum areas have an Attach a file button which you can use to upload a file to the discussion. Uploaded files are only visible to Serato and relevant partner support staff.

How do I quote someone?

If you want to quote a message in the current discussion click on Quote inside the message you wish to quote.

To quote part of a message select the text and click Quote

If you wish to quote something from outside of the current discussion you should use [quote] text [/quote].

How do I write a private message to another user?

Click Send Message from that user's profile.

What do the Forum Settings on my Settings page mean?

Automatically mark messages as read when viewed - When you view a discussion the messages in that discussion are automatically marked as being read (unhighlighted).

Manually mark messages as read - When you view a discussion, you need to manually click Mark as Read.

Automatically subscribe me to discussions I reply to - If you post a reply in a discussion, the discussion will be automatically added to your Tracked Discussions area.

Threads per page - The number of discussions to display per page when viewing a forum area.

If you are logged in you can edit your preferences.

For assistance or feedback in regards to any Serato website please contact

Please DO NOT send Serato product help requests or support issues to this email address as it may result in a delay in you receiving help.

For product help request and support issue options click here.