AKA DJ Siroht


Born in the late 60's in a deep south State, obtaining a love for music during the mid to late 70's during the Pop/Rock era. As a person who lived and experienced the birth of many genres, I've become a fan of those genres, although some are considered to be taboo in my culture. I served my country with valor during Desert Storm and during that time music was my saving grace and the only opportunity afforded to me to escape the craziness of this world.

I eventually witnessed music transcend and break cultural lines as the mid 90's and millennium past, so did my love of music increase. Ultimately I ended up retiring from my 9-5 day job in 2012, and had the opportunity and time to take my love for music and apply it in a fashion that only a Disc Jockey can express. Hence, my pursuit of happiness to teach myself the art of DJ'ing. My love for music and a way to express that love through personal creativity brought me to a level that I call my "Full Evolution".