nuno rendeiro

AKA The Fahze


Nuno Rendeiro, known as The Fahze, grew up in the city of Porto in Portugal until he was 19. He was often found enjoying the nightlife in Porto and this was when his love of DJing first started. He was a regular at Club Cais 447, which was at the forefront of the dance scene, and its buzz made him even more interested in DJing
In he moves to Lisbon where the dance scene was much more developed and interesting. This gave him the push to buy his first set of decks. Hanging out at clubs like the Kremlin, Alcantara-Mar, Teatro de Lanterna Magica, and also at parties all over the country, he experienced the best of national and international DJ talent. This gave him the opportunity to learn from all the big DJs in the business
In 1999 he starts spinning professionally in a club in Ericeira as well as in bars in the Lisbon area. He quickly developed his style and technique from this early start.In November 2001, he was invited by the famous DJ Luis Leite for his birthday party at Lisbon's Queen's Club and goes on to win the DJ competition and plays for 2500 clubbers. From then on he works with the best national and international DJs like Diego Miranda, John_E, Mark Rizzo, Luis Leite, Carlos Manaça,Luis XL Garcia, Nuno Cacho, The Fox, Zé Miguel, Michael Angelo, T-Virus, Model 9000, Mc Govern, Miss Blondie, Silicone Soul, Joesky, Gene Ferris, Brett Johnson, Funkstart De Luxe, Robert Hood, Jesus Del Campo, Luca Ricci, Samuel L Sessions, and many, many others. He loves Tribal, sometimes Progressive, sometimes Deep, but its always primal.
He has spun at the following clubs and festivals: Playground, Alabastro, Mito, Alcantara Club, News, Paradise Garage, Pacha, Queens, Coconuts, Mau-Mau, Hemingway, Fábrica da Pólvora, Vinyl, Estação da Luz, Festival Vilar de Mouros and Sudoeste (2003 e 2004), Help Beach Club, Maré Alta, Locomia, Buddah, and many more.