AKA MytyMyke


There is a profound difference between djs that love their craft and djs that love their status. Michael "MytyMyke" Nguyen is absolutely the former and not the latter. Even without his club residencies, his cds, his countless gigs, and his partnership stake in Innovative Entertainment, DJ MytyMyke would still be spinning for his love of the music. With his youthful energy and vigor, MytyMyke hypes the crowd with an eclectic hard hitting and fist pumping style, frequently performing in the high 120 & 130 bpm range. His continuous hunt for new styles and new genres of music only exemplify this fact. He thrives on the crowd response and serves them their energy back 110%. Rare too, is the fact that at only twenty-one years of age, MytyMyke can lay claim to being a pre-Serato DJ, making him a seven year veteran of the DJ game!


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