AKA Elite Force


Let's just say it's Bass-Driven-Warehouse Music for want of a better description.

I've been writing, recording, releasing now for 16 years or so under aliases such as Elite Force, Lunatic Calm, Zodiac Cartel, Dustbowl, Flicker Noise and others and currently single-handedly run award-winning multi-genre label, U&A Recordings . I was also voted Best Producer at the 2011 Breakspoll Awards and won the Beatport Award for best selling Breaks track 2010.

My music's been in used in around 40 movies over years (including the original Matrix), many TV shows (including CSI, Buffy and Match of the Day (I spat my beer out when that happened!)) as well as multiple Playstation games (including 5 consecutive years on the FIFA Soccer games). Recently wrote half of the Soundtrack for the Motorstorm Apocalypse game for PS3.

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