Dj Junky Fullforce Entertainment & Mixtape Specialist

Meet one of the top mixtape specialists on the island of Jamaica, DJ Junky,

Junky who is based in the tourist resort town of Ochi Rios Jamaica, started out as a deejay playing on Echo One System but later moved on to joined the Eagle Force team.

The sound systems life was not his style so in 2010 he decided to take a different route in the music business by doing mixtapes and he has never ever looked back.

One question which comes to everyone mind when they see or heard the name 'DJ Junky' is how did that name came about.

Junky said when he was much younger he used to clash his friends using his cell phone. He said they use to call him Junky and he just added the Deejay to it, thus came about the name 'DJ Junky'.