AKA DJ David Cruz


DJ David Cruz has earned his stripes that have regarded him one of the top Open Format/Latin DJ’s to date. Known to the world as the "Jack of all trades" he has played across the nation and half way across the world.

David broke into the club scene and began playing at the legendary after-hours Club Cache’. By 2001, He had established himself as a dominant DJ and was playing in at least 4 clubs a week. So what is it that makes him such a hot commodity that promoters will fly him half way around the world for him to perform? There are few DJ’s that can produce the energy that DJ David Cruz does in the club. When he is at work you can feel the intensity and passion he has for\ music. As he switches from Genre to Genre the crowd feeds off his energy and he feeds off of them. And just when you think the party is at its climax, yet another record hotter than the last! DJ David Cruz’s record selection, energy and attitude truly defines him as an artist See Facebook Fanpage for mo


Estate Lounge
Hip Hop/House/Latin
Throne Ultra Lounge
Hip Hop/House