AKA Dj Atrain


Adrian Allen better known as DJ Atrain, has spent most of his life dedicating time and passion to the mystical art of entertainment. Years of practicing, from his parents house, DJ Atrain perfected his unique style into a powerhouse of original as well as stylish beats. Not a mere laptop DJ, which has become the fad of the day, he can change his style and reinvent his mix to suit any situation.
A-train first became interested in mixing music for people to enjoy at the early age of 5. When he turned the tender age of 8 he received his first pair of technics 1200's turntables and a Numark mixer. Three of his older siblings began teaching him the basics of mixing two records together and other dj tricks. The majority of influence came from family members. His parents loved listening to jazz and blues, two older brothers who were djs themselves, and his sister showed him how to beat juggle along with two twin brothers who always gave him new music.


1. Bill Withers - Who is He and What is He to You (Henrik Schwarz Edit)
2. Afefe Iku - Mirror Dance
3. Zapology - Believe (Her Song (Sting International Remix)
4. Kenny Dope & Terry Hunter (Present Mass Destruction) - No Hook (Main Mix)
5. afefe iku - mirror dance (yoruba soul mix)
6. Dimitri from Paris - Madd Luck
7. Marlon D - Underground Collective EP Vol 1 (Jesus Creates Sound) (Main Mix)
8. Mike Dunn - Bostich to Death
9. Bill Withers - Harlem
10. DJ L'Monte - Trumpeteer with a Taste of Bostich