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I will give you a little history about what is known this days as "urban musicâ or "reggeton". everything started 1st with the rap moment by the end of the 1980's in Puerto RIco with pioneers like Vico C, Ruben DJ, Lisa M, TNT, brewly MC, Dj playeroâalias Rubik cubeâ(becuase he use to still other DJ's records back in the time), Dj Negro (the busnisses man) , Dj Joel the dj of ruben dj and so many others but the rap movement was oppressed by the oldest people in Puerto Rico and it was felted like it was dead, because they accredited the drug problem and criminality to our Spanish rap,â we all know that is not trueâ. but at the beginning of the 1990 the dancehall reggae in Puerto Rico was making its way with beats like den bow from Shaba ranks, (that is why we say in the parties "tirame el den bow, throw me the den bow beatâ) on those days we use to be call it âundergroundâ it was kind like the movement of the 1970âs like the hippies, but in a different way, with reggae beats a


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