dj abusco

AKA super dj abusco


Dj abusco is currently the best DJ in around especially for those living in Boston Massachusetts. I'm Nigerian, born and raised in Cameroon and I listen to every genre and any kind of music and to top it I have them all. while growing up I listened to afrobeats and highlife music from Fela, oliver de coque, oriental brothers. tu face, longue longue, Arafat, mriam makeba, alpha blondy, bob marley, B.I.G.,jazzy just to name a few. for genres mostly coupe decale, bikutsi, makossa, soukous, afrobeats, highlife , pop, country name them I listen to all. I'm also a music producer and I have a few songs.


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Radio Shows

live gospel covenant christian radio
3pm to 4pm