AKA deejaykento


After he was inspired for years by various Partybreaks 2006 he ventured the step of mixing his own tracks. Shortly after, he streamed as host and DJ at a small web radio.

To count with the enthusiasm and ambition to target the hottest DJ's, DJ Kento put his first turntables in 2009 and invested in proper equipment to its arts to deepen and improve. This was already paid for a short time later, for his projects often sold at AV8 Records New York, where he is today counted the favorite remixer and producer.

From summer 2010, he was one of the web radio DJ's and has even been booked for the first time on smaller events and parties.

The name DJ Kento gained in importance and the fan base grew tremendously as he counted out the end of 2010 on the DJ crew of team. Since then he is not only a hip web radio DJ for its musical diversity, best house, electro, breaks and hip-hop, but can also on collaborations with such artists as the Seaside Clubbers look back.