AKA artistIQ


artistIQ brings forth a variety of experience and skills. He is a producer, MC, and a DJ. Was part of a Denver hip hop crew, Kollage (featuring: Noetic & Material) along with his own solo work. IN the past few years, he's exploring with the DJ crew, Party Shark, featuring fellow DJ, DBO.

He thrives on good artistic music and really favors Golden era/Underground hip hop that features clever rhmyes, head shakin' beats and creative turn tablism. He also enjoys spinning funk, soul and disco. He likes many genres from, rock, metal, punk, blues, reggae, classical; whatever sounds good and suits the mood.

If you don't catch him on the decks, then you can be sure he is on the mic, producing, strumming the six string, designing graphics or software, painting, skating, snowboarding or practicing martial arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai).


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