AKA DJ Al Tadeo


A Club DJ at heart and a California native, Al began his DJ career in his junior year of high school. While most of his peers were out getting jobs at fast food restaurants, retail etc., Al asked his father for a loan to buy some DJ equipment. Two of his friends joined him in this venture contributing funds for records and lighting. Together they formed Double Vision Mobile DJ’s. A DJ was born.

Al has DJ'd at various clubs and bars in CA. However, after moving to TX in 2001, Al put his DJ’ing career on hold to focus on a career in financial services. In 2009, Al decided to return to DJ’ing part-time and has since put on shows for a number of private and corporate events as well as bars and clubs all around the DFW area.

Al has decided to specialize in the genres of music he plays and in the events he DJs. DJ Al Tadeo says that specialization will allow him to focus and master his craft. Al has also started music video mixing and believes that this is the next evolution

Residencies and Radio Shows

Chelsea Corner
Social 121
Mixology VDJ Radio