AKA Dj Wizz or DJ Wizzu / Wizz Music


Dj since 1982. In clubs until the mid-90s, then mobile.

Old school music mainly: Soul, funk (my favorite), rock, latino, reggae, disco, indie, new-wave, post-punk (my second favorite)... some electro and some Top 40.

Unlike most DJs, I'm not fond of EDM in general. But I love Justice and Nine Inch Nails...

I loathe dubstep, hardstyle and anything that sounds like a power plant and lacks a basic melody. I'm a musician. I can't stand rhytmic noise pretending to be music.

Method? Track selection rules. Reading the crowd rules. Being able to entertain people rules. Beatmatching, scratching and mashing up? Nice and fun, but it's mere ornery. Unless you're a real artist. Some are... most are not. Before your ask, no, I'm not considering myself as one. :-)