AKA Unit:E


Immersed into the "electronic" scene in 1987 with heavy influences from Industrial music, 80's New Wave, and early Hip Hop; Unit:E became a prominent figure in the underground and club scene of Hawaii. From the Full Moon Gatherings and "Techno Tuesdays" of '99 to the Hawaii Electronic Music Festival and Earthdance today, Unit:E has participated in countless events across Hawaii and the West Coast. Future goals are to perform throughout the US and jump the pond to the UK and beyond, uniting the world with one sound...the sound of one love, one tribe, one vibration. Always on the dance floor when not behind the decks, and smiling at everyone he meets, you can bet that Unit:E has his heart and soul in the music. With over a decade behind the decks spinning genre-crossing sets, you are sure to be satisfied when Unit:E steps into the booth.

"With the amount of DJs out now, it's hard to tell them apart. Not so with Unit:E, the instant I walk in the room I know he's on!"