AKA Wedding Sample 3 2018


Whats sup?! My name is DJ CSharp. I am working out of Atlanta as a mobile DJ. I play lots of different kinds of music: old skool hip-hop, old and new dance/club music, house, 80s pop, today's hot hits, R&B, etc. When you listen to my sets, there is no telling what you will hear me mixing with..but you know it's gonna be tight!


1. DJ Snake and Lil Jon - Turn Down For What, Dance Remix (Arts Aural Stimulation Mix)
2. Babyface - It's No Crime
3. Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes
4. Rainy Davis - Lowdown So & So
5. Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It (Intro Outro)
6. Con Funk Shun - Electric Lady
7. Robin Thicke ft T.I. and Pharrell - Blurred Lines (Intro Outro) (Clean)
8. Stevie Wonder - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
9. Cupid F. Unk and Fabo - Cupid Shuffle (Radio)
10. DNCE - Cake By The Ocean (Intro Outro) (Clean)

Residencies and Radio Shows

R&B, Hip-Hop, Dance, Pop