AKA K-Smooth / Sikwidityo the DJ


Since his beginning as a dj in New York City he has been very closely related to and involved with the r&b and hip-hop dancing community playing for their acts at many local events. His DJing residencies and guest spots have taken him to countless clubs, raves and bar lounges across the country as a main act dj/master of ceremony. In the mid 90's due to his sharp wit and charm along with his slick turntable skills, many friends and club patrons referred to him as, sick with it. And being from New York City when they said it, they also added the common NYC slang word, Yo, .hence the name, Sikwidityo.

Sikwidityo, used his dj talents in major cities in the United States, including, New York City, Charlotte, San Francisco, Dallas, and Oakland just to name a few. He is rated as one of the Top 25 International djs by event and club patrons in the United States. He constantly credits influences such as his FATHER'S music collection, Grandmaster Flash, Jazzy Jeff.

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