AKA Ricky Jay


Born and raised in the suburbs outside of The City of Angels, Los Angeles based DJ, Ricky Jay is anything but small town. At a young age, Ricky Jay gained much of his musical influences through his father, a seasoned product developer in the professional audio industry for notable companies such as JBL, Harman, and Marantz. Ricky Jay’s DJ career began during the vinyl era of the late 90s where he discovered his love for the art of scratching and turntablism.

Much of Ricky Jay’s mixing style is attributed to the influence of fellow Los Angeles DJs and idols, P-Trix, Z-trip, and Mr.Choc. An open format DJ, Ricky Jay plays a wide variety of music that he skillfully tailors to all of his crowds on any given night. “It’s not what you play, its how you play it,” says Ricky Jay. As a winner of several DJ battles, Ricky Jay uses his vast knowledge of mixing techniques to add a unique funk and flare to his performances that sets him apart from today’s amateurs. “Programming is


Residencies and Radio Shows

Tonic Santa Barbara
Top 40, House, Pop, Rock, Oldschool
Friday / Saturday / Sunday
KFYZ Z94.5fm Santa Barbara
Top 40, rock, hip-hop
random - 2007-2008