AKA Seth Isaacs


Seth Isaacs bridges the gap between party-rocking club and professional event DJ. With close to two decades under his belt packing dance floors, he has catered to bottle-service club goers, rocked parties for college students, and has become the choice for clients who have become desperate for an alternative to the normal DJ cheese.

With a song selection and musical taste not restrained by genre, Seth has a play list that spans more than six decades and includes Hip Hop, R&B, House, Club, Rock, Dance, Indie, and Top 40. From Motown's greatest hits to classic Cold Chillin' records, Beyonce, Jay-Z, to Frank Sinatra, 50's and 60's Rock, and obscure Funk and Disco hits, Seth has it all and always creates a customized play list specific to each event. From DJ to VDJ, Seth also has a growing list of more than 10,000 music videos to make your next party state-of-the-art by seamlessly weaving between classic 80's Rock and Pop to current Dance, Hip-Hop and R&B, and Top 40 music videos.