Born with the passion for dancing I was first dwelled in my Aruban dad’s Latin culture based little parties. I remember being four years old and coming home from Saturday shopping. My dad’s probably bought a new record that was immediately played for the whole street to hear. Couple of hours later, on that summer day I was a little boy looking up the legs of a crowd of neighbors that just came in for one drink (and a dance) while hitting the pans and pots with my wooden spoons.

When I got to play the clarinet a passion for Jazz grew and that was the foundation of my musical development. I went from dancing to Disco, DJ-ing with a friend at 14, dance competitions, to theater school where modern and classic dance were my best achievements.

After the adolescent phase -where my friends taught me to rock and grunge- I ended up in a club, to find myself sweating to mellow Detroit Techno & Chicago House, with all the percussion of Afro & Latin reappearing in electronic music.

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