Pucci Costa

AKA Dj Orthega


Dj Orthega began his career as a small turntablist. Begin by mixing tapes to parties of relatives, but it gave little satisfaction, so he decided to receive as gifts, instead of a scooter, two good turntables and a mixer. The virus comes out when by mistake, bringing back a vinyl with the faderslide open, it turns out that particular sound that is scratching. Since then he works with that and it does so in a serious manner, to the point of leaving Sicily to join the group Lotto Nero Klan, with whom he recorded an EP. Here are several collaborations with various groups including rapper Urlo of Modica,Mifra,Toki with whom he currently works at a distance and the whole clique of Reduci.
Collaborate with Skyline Recording Studio and Sfumature.
Carries out the project Head of Communication with Marco Vallini (Inbred Knucklehead).Carries out the project Head of Communication with Marco Vallini (Inbred Knucklehead).
Partecipated prestigious ITF tournament in '99 and again in 2001.


1. head of communication - itAlieno
2. Zebra - Simple Song
3. Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real
4. Funk Ferret - Hotsteppin In The Membrane
5. Royksopp - Happy Up Here
6. Pete Wingfield - 18 With A Bullet
7. Serato Audio Research - Serato Scratch Sentance
8. Daft Punk - Da funk
9. The Apples - Killing
10. Indeep - sp Last Night A DJ Saved My Life


funk/hip hop
Contestaccio (rome)