AKA DJ Nonstop


Growing up in Alabama was where David “DJ Nonstop” Stephenson learned a great love and desire for music and entertaining people. Early on, while still a teenager he learned from Atlanta DJ’s and read articles about DJ Kid Capri to teach himself how to make mix tapes. He quickly learned his new craft and sold them to friends and college kids throughout Alabama and Atlanta. These mix tapes created a buzz and made people want to hear DJ Nonstop live at parties and other functions. It was about this time that he met another DJ and they became partners and threw successful parties together for years to come for teenager’s and college kids. Due to their success and popularity they opened a night club called Caliente, which catered to college kids and he continued to promote and run his DJ service. DJ Nonstop started promoting more and more parties and started to promote local and national artists all around the Southern States.