Nick Sheldon

AKA Nick Sheldon


It all started off with my fascination for my dads records. I used to love playing the vinyl on his Pioneer deck, through his (then expensive) celestion Ditton 15 speakers which were powered by a luxman amp, which all added up to a very well rounded sound. I ALWAYS wanted a pair of decks that were in Argos....I never got them. My first record I owned I won at Stockton Brook bonfire. It was a Wings album, I played it to death. The first records I ever bought were two 7" Pretenders - 2000 miles and, Michael Jackson - Thriller. I used to buy all the Electro's on tape. Anyway, I loved hip hop, and every week I was up Roxy Roller Rink in Hanley, (most/all of you will know this venue by a different name now..The doing my breaking thang. The turtle was my speciality. After we came out of there, we would go to the little indoor shopping arcade which housed the shop 'Fantasy World', and lay out the lino, turn up the ghettoblaster, and dance until they paid us to f**k off ;-) My firs


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