Musically Minded

AKA DJ Natural


Mark Cummings began DJing at the age of 17. His knowledge and love of music was his impetus for becoming a DJ. He purchased his first set of turntables at the age of 20. He then joined OneWorld Ltd. in late 2009 and learnt to expand his musical prowess beyond Dance Hall and Hip Hop. Mark now finds great pleasure in applying different styles of music in to his routines. Mark, aka DJ Natural, now enjoys playing all different genres of music, Reggae, Top 40 and House just to name a few. As for his DJ handle, "DJ Natural" - it comes from the easy transition he was able to make to other genres and was given to him by a fellow colleague at Oneworld Ltd.


Ritz Carlton Silver Palm Loung
Lounge & Pop
Club Caribe (GTYC)
House, Soca & RMX's
Once A Month
Chelsea's Lounge