Makin Kash Customs

AKA Kashin Kassie


Lover of music and the way it can touch one's soul like in such a way that it can make you whole again. Music can speak in a way that gets deeper than any thing else I know to help you feel, heal, and seal any thing within one's soul. It also helps you address, express and even impress all the joy and happiness that you have dancing in your soul, just waiting for a little rock n' roll. Music is one of the widest, yet most unique forms of expression available for us to share and compare with others.
I am a nomad vagabond wanderer that has an eclectic funky style in every faucet of life who's fire in my soul is fed by a lust for the unknown and the constant urge to roam and wander to unknown places and faces. It's not always the easiest way to live life, and I realize that it is probably the reason I let my gypsy soul feed that vagabond fire in my soule. Music gives me a way to share that with all of you. ****Not All Who Wander are Lost***


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