Inspired by the 90's hip hop era. LG Roc (original name abrev.) is a DJ/Track-producer. His influences started in Brazil at his 13 years old, when he use to street skateboard with his friends and was introduced to the streets. Punk rock , indie rock, new age, rap, soul and funk was part of his youth. But the creativity of the rap music at the 90's (Hieroglyphics, Epmd, Gangstarr, De la Soul, Tribe Called Quest) and his passion about mixing music, sampling and remixing to transform beautiful and intense music like soul, jazz in order to become a brand new track was the major influence. Since 2006 living in Japan. A country that people are really care about the quality and creativity on art and music. No doubt is a plus to get inspirated. DJs, B-boys and street artists are in full effect in Japan. LG nowadays is diggin music, producing tracks and DJing to represent the real hip hop vibe, Lg Roc brings the fury of the 90's groove mixed with modern hip-hop/downtempo tracks.