Kristina Fyrewolf

AKA Fyrewolf The Dinosaur


“Tech House and Dinosaurs: a winning combination!”
In 1982, the universe aligned and made the fractal abnormality known as Fyrewolf. Five years later, she discovered that computers had the capacity to make music. She also developed a passion for making mix tapes using an old boom box and a five dollar microphone. Her mother’s tastes ranged from smooth jazz to big hair metal to 80’s new wave. Her father loved the blues, old school country and Bjork. All of these forces combined and turned Fyrewolf into a button pushing, genre bending purveyor of funky beats. Using old techniques, new technology and duct tape, Fyrewolf will inspire movement on the dance floor. Type of movement not guaranteed.
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Residencies and Radio Shows

The Lounge
Fridays Icebox Radio
bi-weekly show on the Gaming Radio Network Wednesday at 0300 UTC, Mondays at 0300 UTC