Henry GQ



Erie Wedding DJ - www.djhenrygq.com - *DJ Henry GQ has been noted as a Premier Club/Mega-Event DJ. With an ample knowledge of all genres including House music, Techno, Break, Bass, Hip Hop, Rock and R&B, and an array of seamless mixing styles, he has proven to be like no other, and no other has made an impact quite like him. His chemistry for bringing different styles of music in the mix has landed him gigs in the best venues. The exact genre of music that Henry GQ does play is soley based on the club, event and crowd. The first DJ to spin live on a major radio station in his city, Henry pioneered Star 104's first mixshow, the very popular "Club Utopia," a three hour commercial-free beat mixing dance show(live from the Kings Rook Club). GQ also spun the widely successful "Club 104" show live from Peccadillos and The Cellblock. Also known for his "re-edited remixes," Henry GQ inspires to be a full-on producer/remixer. By re-editing certain tracks, it allows him to manipulate the crowd into a dance frenzy. "Seeing the crowd thrown for a loop is the best high I can get!!...seeing their faces light up, and scream, when they hear a blazing remix of their favorite song... it is all the motivation I need to do this!" exclaims GQ. Although he humbly admits, after all that he has accomplished, seeing people dance and having a great time is what kept him spinning for years with a positive, level-head. More than just a technical DJ, Henry GQ is a entertainer, enciting his crowds into outburst of festive energy with his mic skills and creative thinking. Henry GQ also spins music video, thats right... music video mixed beat to beat. GQ loves playing on Technic 1200s using the Serato Scratch software, it allows him to digitaly bring the newest re-edited/remixed grooves thats out on the scene! "The DJ's DJ" "The Standard" "The Face of Nightlife in his city" "The Party Rocker" DJ HENRY GQ has significally become the most recognizeable name in the eastern Pennsylvania club scene today. When DJ Henry GQ's in the house ....YOU KNOW YOUR GONNA HAVE A GREAT TIME! - www.peccadillos.com. for booking info please send an email to henrygq@gmail.com

Residencies and Radio Shows

The Metropolitan
hip hop, house
Dock Siders
Open Format
wrts star 104
eries #1 hit music station