AKA Djeddcarl


''Djeddcarl GROOVE CREATE & ABILITY LIVE MIX/REMIX style'' cp# +966567299581

Eversince I am inclined into music...harmony & melody is my zest in life. Music - it's my ultimate passion...Because of my enthusiasm in to music I go all-out to meet up my satisfaction. I strived so hard and never get tired of realizing my dream, a dream to become a successful & popular DJ.

I know I will be much happier tagging on my hearts desire...the desire of "Djing" (playing, mixing/remixing varieties of songs) and/or making sort of danceable & groovy noise to move the crowd out of my ability as a DJ. I believed that a good DJ has an ability to move the crowd. And an ability to enhance music by own create & ability.

I have gone through a lot to get what I want. It took me long years to put up my DJ GIZMOS, years full of sacrifices & hardworks. When I had given the opportunity to work abroad, I was determined to obtain my gizmos one at a time.

Eventually, in 2007 I have


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Mobile DJ

Serato Products

Rane SL4